Burlington Hydro’s Safety Culture

A Burlington Hydro lineman performs work on powerlines, with safety as the top priority
Safety at BHI extends beyond the crews that perform restorations and improvements, in fact, to every aspect of the operation.

Burlington Hydro embraces the safety – of employees, contractors, customers and the general public – as a number one priority …


Ensuring worker safety is paramount in an industry where powerline crews and other electrical field staff not only have to prepare for the dangers associated with working with high voltage electrical equipment, but have to often deal with extreme weather conditions.

Burlington Hydro training programs focus on maintaining a highly skilled and proficient workforce that supports a proactive and preventative safety culture within the organization.

Over the course of a year, BHI implements a portfolio of more than a dozen safety training programs undertaken by trades employees.  This includes new employee safety orientation and standard first aid/annual CRP/AED, rescue practice drills, Utility Work Protection Code training, and many other initiatives.

In recognition of Burlington Hydro’s proven safety excellence, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) awarded us with the ZeroQuest® Gold Award Outcomes Level 3 in 2014, afterwhich, we immediately set our sights on achieving the next level of ZeroQuest.

In Our Schools

Promoting electrical safety in the community starts with educating our kids. That’s why every year Burlington Hydro visits area elementary schools to teach electrical safety and conservation topics to a variety of age groups. In a typical year, BHI provides interactive electrical safety programming to close to 5,000 elementary students at schools throughout Burlington.

With Trade Contractors

Burlington Hydro partners with Oakville Hydro to offer a free safety seminar for construction workers and other trades whose work exposes them to live powerlines and an increased risk of accidental contacts. The “Powerline Safety Seminar – Look Up, Look Out” targets roofers, siding and eaves trough installers, landscapers, construction workers,excavators and operators of dump trucks and all types of high-lift booms.

The seminar features presentations by industry experts on potential hazards associated with overhead and underground powerlines, generally in early Spring, as activity on job sites throughout the region comes into full swing.

The goal of the seminar is to ensure that workers-at-risk are up-to-date on protocols on the job site that are proven to help prevent powerline related injuries and deaths