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OEB Issues Decision on Burlington Hydro’s Cost of Service Rate Application

Decision provides stable and predictable rates for Burlington Hydro for next 5 years

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has rendered its Decision and Rate Order regarding Burlington Hydro’s Cost of Service (COS) Rate Application. The application proposed an increase to the distribution rates that Burlington Hydro charges its customers to recover the costs of renewing, operating and maintaining its distribution system safely and reliably. Before Burlington Hydro can make any changes to its rates, it is required to seek approval from the OEB through a rate application process.

The application was reviewed by the OEB through a public process that included consumer and other affected groups/intervenors. Burlington Hydro gathered feedback from close to 5,000 residential, small business and commercial customers through its customer engagement efforts in preparing its submission - one of the province's largest customer participation rates as a percentage of its customer base.

A distribution rate increase has been approved by the OEB effective May 1, 2021. The new rates result in an increase to the total bill of $2.15 or 1.66% per month for a residential customer using 750 kWh/month. The distribution rate portion of the electricity bill accounts for approximately 26% of the total bill.

Click here for more information the rate application process 
Click here to download the Decision and Rate Order – Effective May 1, 2021
Click here to download the Tariff of Rates and Charges