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Ontario Energy Board Launches Utility Service Area Map

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has launched a new online interactive map that provides resource rich information about Ontario’s electricity and natural gas utilities, including Burlington Hydro.

The Service Area Map has a number of features, including: 

  • Electricity and natural gas can be viewed either together or independently by choosing the layer.
  • Click on a region of the map or enter an address to find a utility; or choose a utility from the right panel to find its service area (i.e. Burlington Hydro).
  • Zoom in or out to narrow or expand your view; as you zoom the utility panels on the right adjust accordingly to reflect utilities in the new area.
  • View different types of map – e.g. topographic, street level, satellite imagery, dark/light view.
  • Find out the contact information for the utility and its municipality.
  • Download the relevant OEB documents that set out a utility’s service area boundaries.  

A short instructional video can be sourced from the webpage to learn more about these features. 

Access the Burlington Hydro Service Area Map