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Burlington Hydro teams load repair truck with safety essentials

Did You Know?

Electricity 101: Anatomy of a Utility Pole

Utility poles contain a wide variety of components required for the safe distribution of electricity and other services. While poles can take on numerous configurations depending on their function, see this typical installation and the explanation. 

Learn hydro pole anatomy


Electricity 101: Where Electricity Comes from and How it Travels

Ontario's electricity system is owned and operated by public, private and municipal corporations across the province. It is made up of three key components: generation, transmission and distribution.

Learn where electricity comes from


By The Numbers

  • 68,500 customers
  • Total service area within the City of Burlington – 188 sq kms
  • A distribution network of over 1,500 kms
  • 853 overhead powerlines
  • 682 underground powerlines
  • 32 substations
  • Over 15,500 hydro poles
  • 3,257 overhead transformers

2019 Stats and Facts

Whether it is new builds, equipment upgrades or distribution system maintenance, Burlington Hydro’s operational performance places priority on balancing its obligations to accommodate growth while addressing the upkeep and replacement of aging infrastructure.

  • Utility poles installed: 330
  • Pole Transformers installed: 38
  • Green Box padmounts installed: 68
  • New Connects: 241

Helping Burlington Shine

With a focus on corporate responsibility, Burlington Hydro Inc. strives to contribute to the quality of life in the community, aligning its business strategies in ways that lend support to the City’s prosperity goals and sustainable growth. With a consistent record of good safety performance, positive employee relations, ongoing asset reinvestment, and strong system reliability, the company is well positioned to build on its strengths and lay the foundation for future success.

  • Continuing to build long-term value for our customers and our shareholder by placing emphasis on operational excellence and productivity gains;
  • Aligning the company’s business priorities with the City’s long-term strategic goals and implementing the Community Energy Plan;
  • Maintaining a strong asset base through responsible financial management, system renewal and innovation; and,
  • Pursuing ‘scale and scope’ opportunities via partnering, collaboration and cooperatives.

a young boy proudly displays the energized icon from BHI logo

2020 Canada's Safest Employers Silver Winner


Burlington Hydro's awards have included several prestigious acknowledgements from the Electricity Distributors Association, Canada's Safest Employers presented by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine, Hamilton and Niagara's Top Employers, and numerous important industry safety achievements.


2021 Supply Mix

Generators produce the electricity we use. They include facilities powered by nuclear, hydro, natural gas, wind and solar sources. The largest generator is Ontario Power Generation – a provincially-owned company. The chart shows how the generation mix looks in Ontario today.

Hourly View of Supply Mix


Energy Source Percentage
Nuclear 55.3%
Water 23.3%
Wind 8.1%
Natural Gas 9%
Solar 2.5%
Biomass .5%
Other 1.2%