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One-stop Resource for Customers

Get all the key information you need about preparing for outages,
the fastest ways to keep up on restoration time-lines,
and how to keep you and your family safe.


What's Inside

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The Best Outage Resources

Knowing the best sources for information on power outages and restoration progress, can help you plan appropriately during an outage.

See When the Power's Expected Back

Father with daughters during a power outage

Outage Tips

If there's an outage happening now, these tips will help keep you and family safe. And if you're thinking ahead, that's good news because preparing for outages has big safety benefits.

Help Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Ice on downed power lines admist fallen branches

Powerline Safety

It may seem obvious, but sagging, ice covered or downed power lines present hidden dangers. Likewise, any objects that come in contact with power lines can become electrified.

See Why Common Sense Isn't Enough

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Helping Customers who rely on Powered Medical Equipment

Customers and family members who rely on electrically powered medical equipment are encouraged to register for the Life Support Registry.

Learn about the Registry

horse in paddock in rural location

When the Power’s Out at Rural Properties

Outages can hit rural customers in unique ways, especially properties with farm animals.

Helping You and Your Farm Animals Stay Safe

meter mast

Damage to Your Meter Mast?

The responsibility for repairs varies depending on the location of the damage.

See What Repairs You or BHI are Responsible for

To Report Outages or for Power Emergencies
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