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What to do if your Meter Mast is damaged


Meter Mast Damage

The responsibility for repairs to your meter mast or other equipment varies. The helpful diagram and information on this page will help differentiate whether the accountability is with BHI or the customer.

Damage to the hydro service equipment at your business?

If the hydro meter, service stack or service line are damaged, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THEM YOURSELF! Always assume this equipment is live and very dangerous. Instead, call Burlington Hydro at 1-877-310-4937. If you or any of your workers are in imminent danger as a result of damage to this equipment or a downed power line call 9-1-1 immediately.

What is BHI Obligated to Repair and What is the Customer's Responsibility?

If your business’s electrical equipment is damaged after a storm or due to a workplace accident, you need to know what equipment belongs to Burlington Hydro and what equipment is your responsibility to repair. (Please note that we always recommend that you hire a licensed electrical contractor to make any repairs you are responsible for).
BHI Owned Equipment and Responsibility

  • Service wire: BHI is responsible for repairs to the wire that comes from the street to your home.
  • Connection point: BHI is responsible for repairs to the connection point, which is where the service wire ends and your equipment begins.
  • Electric meter: We are responsible for your meter and will replace or repair it as needed.

Customer Owned Equipment and Responsibility

Standpipe or mast: Damage to the cables and hardware running from the connection point down the side of your building and into your facility, must be repaired by an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) certified electrician, with the work approved by ESA, before we can restore your service.

Find a licensed electrical contractor in your area, by accessing the Electrical Safety Authority’s website at:

Burlington Hydro is not authorized to repair privately owned equipment.