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Powerlines are down!


First at the Accident Scene

BHI works closely with First Responders during challenging circumstances involving downed lines and other hydro equipment where the safety of the citizens requires a careful and coordinated response. Exacting powerline safety knowledge is a major priority for police, the fire service and ambulance services.

Powerlines are Down. What's Next?

If lines are down, secure the area. Assume any downed line is energized and potentially lethal. Keep yourself and the public at least 10 meters (30 feet) away from fallen powerlines. Remember, your standard protective gear does not insulate against electric shock, and even a low-voltage electric shock can kill you. To keep yourself safe, you must stay out of electricity’s path. Do not enter or contact vehicles or anything else (eg. a fence, a puddle) that is in contact with the powerline as they too could be electrified.

Instead, instruct victims to drive the vehicle away from the line if they can do so safely. If the vehicle cannot be safely moved, instruct victims to stay put until Burlington Hydro personnel give the all clear that the power has been shut off. If victims are in imminent danger from fire or other hazards, stay away, and instruct them to jump clear, landing far enough away from the equipment that they don't touch the equipment and the ground at the same time. Instruct them to land with their feet together and shuffle away, keeping their feet together and on the ground.

At a residence or business, NEVER cut service wires or remove electrical meters. Instead, turn off power at the main circuit breaker.

If a power line is involved in an emergency situation, contact Burlington Hydro immediately at 1-877-310-4937.