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postcard to BHI from child: thanks for getting our power back

Inspiration for All

Heartfelt Thank You's from Burlington's Youth

The extent of damage to trees, poles, wires and transformers was extensive during the December 2013 ice-storm. The community's response inspires every BHI team member today and for years to come.

The December 2013 ice storm caused record amounts of damage to trees and the hydro system, and required a monumental effort by utilities and partners across Ontario. The circumstances in Burlington were no exception.

The Kilbride community held a a customer-initiated event celebrating the hydro workers, city staff and firefighters who dedicated their time in the aftermath of the 2013 ice storm in Burlington.

The appreciation night, held at Kilbride Public School, featured speeches, presentations, a performance by the school band and even a special ice storm cake.

In a touching moment, homemade thank you cards made by students of the school were presented to those who made a difference.

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